Q: Who is in charge of the day to day management of the daycare?
A: The director and owner are both on the site daily and are always available in person to help with anything.

Q: What does my child need on the first day or for the various activities that take place during the week?
A: A complete list is enclosed in the admission package and you may also call or email if you are unsure about what to pack for a certain day.

Q: What does my child do at school all day and can I visit my child during the day?
A: You are welcome to visit your child during the day. We occasionally take photographs during activities and email them to the parents/guardians so that you get to see what your child is doing during their day. At the end of each day you will receive a Daily Report Sheet telling you how your child’s day was and what goals and activities were completed.

Q: What curriculum do you follow?
A: Valley Forge Children’s Academy follows the HighReach Learning Curriculum, recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The curriculum excels in meeting accepted early learning standards for child progress and program quality. The preschool curriculum is aligned with state and federal standards for early childhood programs, Head Start programs, and special educational programs. We believe that children learn best through actively engaging with people and objects in their environment. The curriculum ensures that your children are involved in hands-on experiences, real-life adventures, and assisted discovery as they explore concepts through play in a stimulating and fun learning environment.

It is based on:
– A sound early childhood research and theory.
– Emergent curriculum development.
– Involving families, culture, and community
– Keeping families informed and involved.

Q: How do I get more information about subsidized payments and various other services for families and children in the Montgomery County area?
A: You can check The Montgomery County Parent and Infant resource guide which can be found at http://www.montcopa.org/hhsapps/pihdir.htm The Director or Owner can also further assist you with the process.

Q: What certifications and checks do your employees go through?
A: Our staff goes through various background checks with the Pennsylvania State Police and the FBI. Our teachers are also CPR and First Aid certified.

Q: If my child falls sick or has an accident, who should I call?
A: If it is an emergency or something serious please cal 9-1-1. Some non-emergency numbers that are useful are,

Delaware County Memorial Hospital (610) 284-8100
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453
Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Q: How do I know if the school is closed for inclement weather?
A: Our school closing reference number is 3154. School closings due to bad weather/loss of power will be reported on 6ABC Action News, 10NBC/ nbcphiladelphia.com, KYW News radio 1060/ KYW1060.com. All parents will also receive an email about the school closings. Parents can also check the message on the school phone at (610) 676-0023